robzerrvationsI first started writing RobZerrvations when I was in high school, oh, so long ago. I was in the Journalism class, writing for the newspaper, the Hazen Highlife. I never liked real reporting much, so writing a weekly column fit the bill perfectly for me – an easy way to get an ‘A’.

I continued to write RobZerrvations in college at Green River Community College. I was sequestered with the two comic artists, far away from the rest of the staff. I think Ed Eaton thought we’d be less mischievous if we didn’t have an audience. He was so wrong.

I didn’t really give the idea much thought again until I moved to the tiny community of Port Orchard where I started a local community site, It was there that I started writing about things that came to my mind, most humorous, some very pointed and downright smarmy.

Fast forward to Florida. Facebook came along and once again I started RobZerrvations. And rather than fill its pages, I opted to go out on my own and finally start an official site, dedicated to my lifetime of observations that are unique to me, i.e., RobZerrvations.

Visit RobZerrvations, if you haven’t already clicked on a link.

You can also buy the collection of “best ofs” from 2011 and 2012 right here. It’s in analog, you know a book, printed, on felled trees.