As a storyteller and Story Laureate, I always seem to have my hands in one new project or another. You can follow along with some of these in my blog, but here’s a brief summary of what’s in the hopper right now, some of it new, some of it still on my “to do” list.

Brewster McCabe – Ace Private Eye

Brewster and I go way back. Sure, there’s the Neverending Story out there. Brewster seems to be the Neverfinishing Story. Written as a tongue-in-cheek detective thriller inspired by film noir, the book is part living history for me, chronicling times in my life that no one would every believe anyway, so why not term it fiction.

If you want to read a little of it, here’s a link. Don’t blame me if you get hooked on it. It’s very punny.

Terrible Tom The Pirate

This is my children’s book. It has a great lesson to be learned from the lead character, Terrible Tom, and explores the ordinary life of a neighborhood pirate and the people he meets along the way. My friend Mike Kloepfer, a brilliant artist in his own right, is doing the illustrations for it. Hopefully we will be posting portions of it soon so you can see its progress.

For the Corporate Good

This is my favorite project and now that I’ve completed my training by story master Robert McKee, I can finally put some meat to its story bones. The screenplay/novel follows protagonist Paul Blanchard whose once quiet life unravels as he is seduced by greed and power only to be betrayed, ultimately facing his demons in a life that looks very ordinary to those he meets in daily life.