Contact Info

There was a time once when you had to put down three phone numbers, a fax and an office address to have the appropriate level of contact information. But who really needs to visit a real office or fax something to someone somewhere?

Let’s simplify the whole thing, shall we?

Call: (425) 280-3792

It’s my cell. It’s always with me. You can text me there as well, unless you’re a spammer. If I don’t answer, please leave a voicemail.


Why you should contact me…

If you want to tell your story to your customers, clients or the world, come to The Story Laureate. Don’t waste your money on less than stellar results. Go with the best. I’m much affordable than you think, especially when there’s a project that allows me to tell a really great story. In fact, I always tell my clients that I charge on a sliding scale. If I am having am going to enjoy the project and it’s a great story, I am very reasonable. If not, you probably can’t afford me.